Bill is a Qualified MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Instructor through UMASS Medical School, and has been a wellness coach for 10 years.  He is also a certified elite trainer and nutritionist. He is the founder and owner of Provital Personal Training and Nutrition which operates just a few miles outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He has taught MBSR and mindfulness for large corporations, small businesses, mental health facilities, and non-profit companies along with providing one-on-one mindfulness coaching for his clients.  


Bill believes that reducing stress is akin to learning any new skill.  It takes practice and initially can be challenging.  However with clear direction, patience and a willingness to explore and get to know ourselves, positivity and gratitude begin to arise within us.  Bill uses the evidence based structured pathway of the MBSR curriculum to cultivate new techniques in approaching habitual patterns of stress. Through his personal practice, Bill believes that mindful awareness is the gateway to softening conditioned patterns of stress and anxiety that no longer serve us.  


Bill’s practical, down to Earth program is designed to increase well-being for people facing a host of challenges, whether it be physical or psychological, including the demands and stressors inherent in everyday life.


William (Bill) Maronn


(617) 866-0810 ♦bmaronn115@gmail.com ♦ w_maronn@salemstate.edu ♦ Arlington, MA



Salem State University School of Social Work, Salem, MA

            ♦ Master of Social Work, December 2022. Current GPA 3.8

UMASS Medical School, Worcester, MA         

             ♦ Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Certification, December 2018.

             ♦ Completion of 9 day, 92 hour MBSR Teacher/Qualification Training, UMASS Medical School

             ♦ Completion of MBSR Teacher Fundamentals Course, UMASS Medical School

             ♦ Completion of MBSR Tools 5 Day Intensive Course, UMASS Medical School

             ♦ 7 Day Silent Heartfulness Meditation Retreat, Spirit Fire Retreat Center

             ♦ 6 Day Silent New Beginnings Meditation Retreat, Spirit Fire Retreat Center

             ♦ Completion of 8 week MBSR Course 


Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI

            ♦ Bachelor of Science, Marketing, May 2005. GPA 3.5


Professional Experience

Case Manager/Intern  September 2020 - Present

Wild Acre Mental Health Solutions - Belmont, MA


             ♦ Perform patient assessments and interventions using strengths-based and empowerment theory

             ♦ Collaborate with McLean Hospital psychiatrists and caseworkers concerning treatment plans and                                                                                       progress of mutual patients 

             ♦ Conduct weekly self-care, mindfulness and nutrition/exercise groups

             ♦ Create an effective therapeutic rapport with patients through narrative therapy and a non-                                                      judgmental, mindfulness-based approach 


MBSR Instructor/Teacher  January 2018 - Present 

New England Association of Schools and Colleges - Burlington, MA, Yoga Depot - Lexington, MA, The Green Room - Arlington, MA


            ♦ Lead weekly mindful meditation group using MBSR standard curriculum

            ♦ Lead participants through body scans, breathing exercises and full gamut of 

                 mindfulness-based practices 

            ♦ Class size average 20-30 participants; lead conference groups of 800-1000 participants


Certified Elite Personal Trainer/Owner  May 2011 - March 2020

Provital Personal Training LLC - Arlington, MA


           ♦ Coached several clients to achieve and maintain weight loss goals of 50+ pounds

           ♦ Collaborated with Wild Acre Mental Health Solutions and created mind/body wellness approach,                                     fusing physical and mental health programs for patients

           ♦ Grew company to over 200 clients, 100 sessions/week and 10 employees

           ♦ Managed key business metrics, fitness program design, nutrition counseling and 

                created an empowering working environment for staff and clients

District Manager June 2006 - May 2011

Hess Oil Corporation - Woodbridge, NJ


          ♦ Oversaw all operations for 12 corporately owned retail/gas stores

          ♦ Responsible for staffing and hiring decisions for 12 locations                      

          ♦ Completed profit and loss performance reports, budgeting for $1 million+ monthly sales 


Additional Training, Skills and Hobbies

          ♦ Elite Trainer Certification, specialties in exercise therapy and fitness nutrition

          ♦ CPR and First Aid Certified

          ♦ Experienced public speaker and group facilitator

          ♦ Proficient in Microsoft Office applications

          ♦ Enjoy surfing, hiking, personal fitness and meditation