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CLASS 3: Pleasure and Power in the Present>>> TONIGHT 6pm at YOGA DEPOT>>> Classes are drop in!

Ever wonder where the time goes? Feel like you've been stuck in a loop of worry or things that need to get done? Only to suddenly realize the day, week, month or even years have passed by...

Sometimes life, can seem to be uphill, and no doubt it keeps calling. However as we learned in class 2, much of our suffering comes from the act of stress or worrying, not so much the actual stressors themselves. In other words it is not the circumstance causing our stress, but rather, our response to it that is the source.

For example, in this moment right now, as you are reading this, and I am writing this, there may be a whirlwind of thoughts spinning through our heads about other things to get done, other places to be etc. But the reality is, that in this very moment, there is nothing to do but just be right here with whatever we are doing. And most of life is like that, for all the worry planning striving etc, how many times have things just worked out ( surely there are exceptions) Letting go of the self chatter, and tuning into what is real, using our senses and allowing our minds to be flooded with the present can free us from the constant pull of our habitual go-go-go modality. But this takes practice, Practice, PRACTICE :)))

In class 3 we are going to dive into the PRESENT moment, getting intimate with ourselves just as we are. Tuning into ourselves with an affectionate curiosity as just an observer, just noticing ( non-judgmentally of course ; )) how we react to our senses just as we are. Experiencing connecting ourselves to the world around us. Making the present moment accessible with each sensation.

Because our minds like to be busy, they are survival machines after all (were not trying to get rid of thought or mental activity, we just don't want get carried away by it), tuning into the present moment can be a bit fickle at times. As the brain wants to categorize, sort and ensure all possible threats are accounted for! Thanks Brain! However here's the GOOD NEWS!! If we have stress, then we are already are aware of the dangers! We don't need to keep mulling them over in our head, the stress is actually telling us that we are worrying too much! So here's the BAD NEWS, it takes, you guessed it! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Below are 3 pictures I took from the Arboretum in Chicago ILL a couple weeks ago (Place was spectacular btw), as you look at the first picture it may seem overwhelming to take in the whole landscape as the brain is firing on all cylinders to make sure you don't fall in the pond or don't get stung by a rabid dragon fly.

Now, scroll down to the next picture, here we begin focusing our awareness in on a more concentrated perspective. Notice how we have the ability to isolate our awareness, furthermore the choice to do so.

Finally in the 3rd picture below, pointing all of our awareness on just one point or object. This practice helps condition the ability to make the choice of where we want to point our mental energy. We are simplifying the situation on our own terms. Keep coming back to the moment, its our home.

Hope to see you in Class tonight, any please like and leave some comments or questions!

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