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From one of my Faves

Faith is the conviction that everything is happening as it should and must. To have faith is to trust. To worship God in faith is to give God your troubles. God carries them anyway. Faith is the conviction that nothing is wrong or needs any fixing from “me.” Your mind will reject this notion and start with the what-ifs. Faith seems a dubious proposition, so we have doubts. We have so many doubts we had to organize them, so we invented philosophy. When that got boring we had to invigorate them, so we invented religion. When that got murky we had to clarify them, so we invented science. When that got wonky we had to personalize them, so we invented psychology. When that got settled we realized we now have a science of mind, so we studied the mind that supposedly doubts. What is it? The mind is what fixes things that aren’t broken and explains things that were clear before it seemed to show up. Actually, the mind doesn’t exist except as a bundle of thoughts. Every moment is a chance to experience perfection. If you miss your chance and ask a question, you’ll receive an answer - a friendly attempt to reassure you so you can be at peace. “(God) knows what is best and when and how to do it. His is the burden. You have no cares. All your cares are His. Such is surrender. That is devotion.” - Ramana Maharshi How does faith fit into my life? When I’m in my right mind, I trust.

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