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Got Gratitude?

The more we practice gratitude, the more accessible it is. If we spend most of our time in worry or away from reality in thought, then thats where our brain thinks we want to go.

Knowing we have a choice is the first step. As soon as you realize you've been caught up ruminating or mind wandering, you're already back! Which is great, but what do I do now?? Hey I get it, happens to me all the time. But one sure fire way to short circuit a toxic thought pattern is GRATITUDE.

Look around right now, theres endless things to have gratitude for. Our feet, or legs, that carry us, our heart that's electrical pulse is beating right now, keeping us alive! The body is always working with us. Maybe it's a sunny day, maybe its rainy and that gives us an excuse to take in some much needed rest or movie time!

Akin to any new skill, the more we practice it, the more accessible it is. Gratitude works exactly the same day.

Try thinking of 5 things to be grateful for each day for a week and I challenge you to tell me that things aren't seeming to get better. Go ahead, I dare ya ;)))

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