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Got Stress?

CLASS 4- How Conditioning and Perception Shape our Experience

> Tomorrow Thursday 9/26 6pm > At the Yoga Depot in Lexington Center (


By practicing mindfulness, we begin to cultivate curiosity and openness to the full range of experience of what is happening with ourselves in our days. By learning to explore flexibility with our emotions and reactions, we learn new ways of relating to stressful moments and events.

By using mindfulness techniques and practices we can begin to recognize and reduce the negative effects of automatic habitual stress reactivity. Moreover we can begin to develop more effective ways of responding positively and pro-actively to stressful situations and experiences with increasing depth and dimensionality.

In class we will be discussing the physiological and psychological bases of stress reactivity and how mindfulness techniques condition the ability to reduce and recover more quickly from stressful situations and experiences.

Also have a look into a new relationship with stress, actually allowing it to just be, allowing ourselves to be as we are. Letting go of the story we may tell ourselves of how we are "supposed" to be feeling. Instead of trying to fix or get rid of what is happening with us, inquire into accepting how we are and being ok with who we are when we are just as we are. Try saying that five times fast : )

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