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Is Madness a Sadness Trap? Anger is the externalization of vulnerability in hiding.

It starts out as merely a thought, more a snag. Why can't this person just take a left turn w/o consuming the entire street as to prevent a single soul from going around? Do I really have to spill coffee on every light colored shirt I own? Will my cat ever sleep past 4:37am?

Like traffic mounting upon an ill situated fender bender, the constellation of frustrations unwittingly compound to form frustration, then irritation and finally ang-gerrr.

Everything seems to continue to add fuel, locked inside the prison of pessimism. So on goes the cycle, until for a reason my memory certainly does not accurately recall (although it has many heroic and poetic ideas), I became sad.

Sadness is a relatively new emotion to me. As a child, however unintentionally, I was not allowed to feel sadness. So I never even got a chance to pick up the cliff notes. As a pleaser, most of the people that are in your orbit, do not respond well to "you" having a hard day. The role of the pleaser is optimism and encouragement at all costs. In this life, many are aware this is quite an impossible state to maintain. When you are not allowed to be vulnerable, you never learn how to effectively express it, harboring negative energy that turns into a ticking time bomb.

Anger is the externalization of vulnerability in hiding. With some practice, we can let ourselves off the hook, and see there is another way. When we recognize the pre-conditioned reactive state of anger, allow yourself a couple of deep breaths and an extra side of acceptance.

You may not like what you see at first, but in time, learn to love it.

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