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Thoughts are Not Facts

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Class II 25 cent tip of the day from MBSR Curriculum: "It's not the stressors per se, but how you handle them" that influences the short and long-term health effects they have on your mind, body and overall sense of health and wellbeing.

As the transition into another fall season is gathering in the air, feelings of anticipation may begin to arise. Explore just noticing this sensation we call anticipation as it arises. Just being aware of the feeling itself (where is it in the body, does it move, change etc.) maybe just for a moment, letting go of the ensuing story our mind constructs. Just being with what is "real" in the moment, what is actually happening in the body without getting carried away by our thoughts, reasons, solutions and/or fears. Just being with what is here, now, as we let go of our longer sunnier days, embracing the change to comfy sweatshirts and all things pumpkin: )

Hope to see you at Class tonight YOGA DEPOT 6PM Lexington Center for Class 2 in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction!

Also Golds Gym Arlington 12noon this Saturday 9/14 back by popular demand!

Hope this day finds you pleasantly and presently

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