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"Bill Customized an outstanding series of mindfulness meditation classes for a Wellness Program for our organization.  Everyone learned stress reduction techniques that can be used everyday!  Bill, many thanks for your excellent and thoughtful instruction."

Brenda T.,

HR Manager

" I can't say enough good things about Bill's mindfulness & meditation training.  It gave me a mental toolbox to control my anxiety and channel destructive thoughts.  After facing difficult losses and transitions I became easily paralyzed by regrets.

Under Bill's tutelage I learned how to manage those fears through meditation.  It took me time and hard work- but well worth the effort.  The ability to find serenity is both empowering and calming.  I recommend Bill's instruction unequivocally.  

It helped me take charge of my life.

Tamah R.,


" I wasn't someone seeking out the practice of mindfulness.  I came upon it haphazardly, without any knowledge or experience, drawn in simply by Bill's enthusiasm.  Generally speaking I'm not one for meditation, religion or really any type of self-reflection.  What I like about this practice is that you don't have to buy into the Buddha statues, robes, and crystals- it's something that can be adapted to benefit each person in their own way and comfort level.  

My personal journey started with a desire to find a work/life balance and has evolved from there.

Chris B.,

Vice President, Leader Bank

"Bill is an exceptional person who has wisdom and depth beyond his chronological years.   He reached into his heart and soul to create a life that has purpose and value that is true to him.  He attends to people as a whole and inspires them to have the courage and strength to explore and express themselves as they truly are.  He has done a great deal of his own self-reflection and has a natural empathetic attunement to others.  He is a healer of the highest order."

-Jane O.,

MSW, LICSW, Therapist specializing in Addiction 

"I have been a client of Bill's for many years, and have learned many Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques through his organized and thorough instruction.  

Recently, I had to fly out of town to host a happy, but complicated and stressful family event.  At every point, I was able to be more of aware of my feeling and reactions, to process everything appropriately, and to enjoy the event much more than I would have in the past.

I have also been able to use the mindfulness techniques that Bill taught me to reduce my "everyday" stress.  I am calmer, less reactive, and more content.

Bill is a great teacher, he "walks the walk," and his coaching has improved the overall quality of my life."

-Christine M.,

Estate Attorney

"When I first met Bill, I was out of touch with and a bit reluctant about mindfulness.  In the five years since that I have spent working with him, he has taught me a tremendous amount about connecting with my inner emotions and feelings.  Bill is a truly insightful and caring person, his ideas on mindfulness resonate with those around him."

-Ryan K.,  

Emergency Medical Technician

In the past 3 years I've pursued a career I love, grown many meaningful relationships and found a daily happiness that I never could have imagined.  I attribute many of these accomplishments to working with Bill at Maybe It's Mindfulness.  I can't say it was easy, but if you're ready to put in the work and revamp part of your outlook, you will find habits can change.  As a beginner I felt fully supported on my journey to becoming more present.

Katelyn P.,


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